2009 Hot Cambodian bloggers' topic: Gay

I've got a blog at Wordpress since October 2008. Now May 2009, I just see our Cambodian blogger at Wordpress just write about their opinion to Gay. I don't know the one who began this topic first. As my opinion, I think Gay is not good because our country is not like other Western countries. We have a good culture that not refer to anything like that. We should learn more about Gay to know what Gay is.

Gay refer to someone who loves, has relationship, or has an affair with someone who has the same sex. We can't take this case. This is so far from the nature and our culture. This is just my opinion. I must say "No" to gay.

Khmer Painting (Part 1)

My dream stuffs

When I was born in my family and grown up I think I'm a lucky and unlucky boy. I've got my parents who care about me and take me to study. But I haven't got something that I want. When I'm studying I just want to eat enough, got enough money. And the stuff that I love the most is Laptop. I think I'll have it one day. A simple Laptop that have hard disk 40GB, Ram 1GB, CPU 3.0GHz, VGA 64MB is enough for me. I hope that it won't be expensive for me.

One more thing that I love the most too is Grand Mobile Phone. The phone company that I love is Nokia. And I love model that have memory card slot, camera 2 mega pixels, GPRS, is so good for me.

All that's just my dream. I've got it yet. Hope I will got it in my hands very soon.