My dream stuffs

When I was born in my family and grown up I think I'm a lucky and unlucky boy. I've got my parents who care about me and take me to study. But I haven't got something that I want. When I'm studying I just want to eat enough, got enough money. And the stuff that I love the most is Laptop. I think I'll have it one day. A simple Laptop that have hard disk 40GB, Ram 1GB, CPU 3.0GHz, VGA 64MB is enough for me. I hope that it won't be expensive for me.

One more thing that I love the most too is Grand Mobile Phone. The phone company that I love is Nokia. And I love model that have memory card slot, camera 2 mega pixels, GPRS, is so good for me.

All that's just my dream. I've got it yet. Hope I will got it in my hands very soon.