Sibling Band from Cambodian kids

Sibling Band is a music team that was established on 14 September 2006 initially with 6 member. In the photo above: Livorn, Sreynea, Putchana, Pis (Stand from left to right) and Pav Raijo and Kaka (sit from left to right). The teacher of this team is Mr. Keo Phen. They also have been invited to perform on Bayon TV and CTN TV. The team members with individual instruments:

  1. Mr. Pis (Guitar Solo) and be the team leader
  2. Miss. Putchana (Organ) and be the sub team leader
  3. Kaka (Clarinet and twin drum)
  4. Sreynea (Drum)
  5. Livorn (Guitar Bass)
  6. Pav Raijo (Clarinet and Twin Drum)
All the members, they were live in poor family. At the first time,their family didn't agree them to study music. But after seeing their talents with the music instruments, they decided to allow them to study. Now their talents with music instruments is so pretty good. Finally they also have been invited to perform on TV shows.