Don't stress with Adsense

When I have registered with Adsense at the first time, I've got a lot of questions in my brain: How to improve my blog to get much visitors?, how to make visitors click on the ads?, How to write a article with High Pay Per Click keywords?... etc. And it made me crazy and stuck with Adsense. I think all new publishers who have just registered with Adsense will get stress like me too.

Well, when you have registered with Adsense don't look into difficult way. You can just think nothing happen. Then just write a few articles as possible as you can. DON'T stress, just trying to find something new to write in your post.

After you can write a few articles, you can look around. You can make relationship with bloggers around the world to improve your blog traffic. Or you just tell your friends about your blog. Don't be upset when you got nobody click on your ads. The only important thing is you have to improve your articles. You have to find out something interesting, or amazing, or just write something about your, or anything else. This time, the only thing that I can say to you is "DON’T stress with Adsense". Just make it EASY.

From your good friend, PISETH.