Why Cambodian people didn’t like to read book?

“BOOK” has been considered as a major source for everyone in the planet. Book is the treasury of documentaries from everywhere and from the achievement. That’s why all people such as: teachers, students, officers, etc considered BOOK as the great way to fine out the literature and successful.
Not only in developed countries or developing countries, BOOK is the main and remarkable subject for its education department and scholars. In developed countries, they cared about BOOK so much. But in developing countries, sometimes they didn’t. Actually in Cambodia nowadays, the rate of people who like reading book is so depressed. Among 100 people there are more less 10 people who like reading book. Cambodian people always considered BOOK as a simple thing because they didn’t know how BOOK importance for them.
Truly, Cambodian people didn’t like reading book causes by many factors. In rural area, almost people are living with poverty. They have to do hard work for themselves and their families. It makes them think that reading BOOK make them wasting time and lose money. Furthermore, the illiteracy is the main factor also. People who living in countryside hadn’t finish studying at school completely and Cambodia has just recently recovered from Civil War, so the rate of illiteracy’s still high. For students there, they couldn’t be guided to reading BOOK deeply. Besides studying they have no free time because they have to help their parents to do agriculture or other jobs. Depend to description above we shall know that the important of BOOK almost has been cut down in the countryside.
As for in urban, although it has libraries; bookstores or bookshops, some people still don’t know what the important of BOOK is. Some people who living in urban and people who living in countryside are the same. They have to work harder and harder everyday, no time to rest, no time to read because of their living standard. They have no money to buy; they have no time to read, so they think that it will make them lose everything. For the Cambodian students in urban, absolutely they very and VERY tired to buy and read book. They think they won’t be surprise and got nothing if they do like that. Corruption in educational department; to be overjoyed with foreign styles or anything else make Cambodian students became like that. Almost people who can buy and like reading book are rich people who got excellent job that can make them have money to buy book and have enough time to read it.
For the summary, there are many Cambodian people who didn’t understand about the important of BOOK. The major factors are: Cambodia is a developing country and the rate of poverty and illiteracy is still very high in Cambodia. In the future, we hope that Cambodian people will know clearly what the important of BOOK is and reading BOOK will be a habit of them as a proverb said that: “want to READ like want to EAT”. And if it will be true, our country will full of literacy, scholars and then those people will develop our country as the great counties in the world.


សុភាSophea said...

Hey, you write a great english text here, I should learn from you

Anonymous said...

You writing is O.K. Anyway, you should read some formal English articles in order to improve your writing such as seeing the writing style, structures and these sorts of things. Besides, if you're practicing your writing for the first time, it is wise to only write simple sentences first before jumping to complex sentences. Just an advice from a friend.