How important of education?

We shall know that everyone in the world always needs education. They all know significance of education. So now we have a serious question “How Important of Education?”

When I start thinking about how important of education I remember that the education educated me to do everything when I was young. I got much education from my parents. They educated me to be a good child, good friend. Furthermore my mom educated me how to cook rice, how to ride bike, how to wash clothes and anything else. And I’m still remembering it also. It made to know how to cook rice, how to ride bike, how to wash clothes and I still can do it everyday. And now the education still is the important for me and everyone also. At school we get many educations from our teachers. The educations at school give us the knowledge of the world around us. It educates us about economy, people, language and anything else about our country and other countries around the world. Educations at school also give us more friendship with our friend and more communication with other people. When we are an adult education still help us if we can keep it forever. Education can equip us to make our dream comes true. Education opens doors of brilliant career opportunities. Every employer in our country today requires his prospective employees to be well educated. So, if we don’t be well educated we can’t find a good job for our life. And there is a proverb said that “the more we learn, the more we earn”. It means that if we have high education we will earn everything including money, honor that can make our life more wonderful. Now if we look on the development of the world, obviously we can say that the education makes a lot of marvelous thing in the world. Because of education many scholars in the world can make everything including Computer, camera, robot and many marvelous thing else. Absolutely they can search for everything in the world and out of the world also. And the resultants of their researching are functioning for developing the world and make the living standard of the people in the world easier.

Accordance to the descriptions above, we can know that education truly important for our life, our family, out countries, and our world. So we shall study hard to get more excellent education for our future.


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