Chey Thavy, the famous school in Phnom Penh

Most of students in Phnom Penh might have known and heard the name called Chey Thavy. Chey Thavy is the name of a school which nears Bak Touk high school. All students who study there come from all schools in Phnom Penh. And all teachers there come from schools and university.
When was Chey Thavy established? Who began Chey Thavy? Nobody knows clearly. Although Chey Thavy being a private school but it has been organized as a publish school and like a university.
Every student who wants to be outstanding usually thinks that Chey Thavy is a good school for them to study. Why they think so? Actually, all famous teachers, professors always go to teach there. That’s why Chey Thavy going more famous everyday. Chey Thavy is a good place for our students to improve their study but I’m so apologize that it wasn’t a publish school.