2009 Hot Cambodian bloggers' topic: Gay

I've got a blog at Wordpress since October 2008. Now May 2009, I just see our Cambodian blogger at Wordpress just write about their opinion to Gay. I don't know the one who began this topic first. As my opinion, I think Gay is not good because our country is not like other Western countries. We have a good culture that not refer to anything like that. We should learn more about Gay to know what Gay is.

Gay refer to someone who loves, has relationship, or has an affair with someone who has the same sex. We can't take this case. This is so far from the nature and our culture. This is just my opinion. I must say "No" to gay.

Khmer Painting (Part 1)

My dream stuffs

When I was born in my family and grown up I think I'm a lucky and unlucky boy. I've got my parents who care about me and take me to study. But I haven't got something that I want. When I'm studying I just want to eat enough, got enough money. And the stuff that I love the most is Laptop. I think I'll have it one day. A simple Laptop that have hard disk 40GB, Ram 1GB, CPU 3.0GHz, VGA 64MB is enough for me. I hope that it won't be expensive for me.

One more thing that I love the most too is Grand Mobile Phone. The phone company that I love is Nokia. And I love model that have memory card slot, camera 2 mega pixels, GPRS, is so good for me.

All that's just my dream. I've got it yet. Hope I will got it in my hands very soon.

Don't stress with Adsense

When I have registered with Adsense at the first time, I've got a lot of questions in my brain: How to improve my blog to get much visitors?, how to make visitors click on the ads?, How to write a article with High Pay Per Click keywords?... etc. And it made me crazy and stuck with Adsense. I think all new publishers who have just registered with Adsense will get stress like me too.

Well, when you have registered with Adsense don't look into difficult way. You can just think nothing happen. Then just write a few articles as possible as you can. DON'T stress, just trying to find something new to write in your post.

After you can write a few articles, you can look around. You can make relationship with bloggers around the world to improve your blog traffic. Or you just tell your friends about your blog. Don't be upset when you got nobody click on your ads. The only important thing is you have to improve your articles. You have to find out something interesting, or amazing, or just write something about your, or anything else. This time, the only thing that I can say to you is "DON’T stress with Adsense". Just make it EASY.

From your good friend, PISETH.

This week I earned $13.81 from adsense

This month is my happiness. I can earn money from my blog that I NEVER think that I can before. But now I can and CAN increase it also. I just registered with adsense on March 2009 but I got no click. After a month, April 2009 my earning increase more and more. This week I earned $13.81, the large value that I never earned. This is my first time with adsense that I can earn money online. Thanks to my friend Mr. Piseth and Khmersense who made me know about adsense and told me how to increase my earning.
I hope this is a new experience for Cambodian bloggers who want to make extra money form their blog.

How to improve my blog with adsense service?

I think now I can't write a few articles than can improve my earning with google adsense because my English language is not good at all. I have just posted a few video about Khmer songs. I just try to find out the way to earn much money. And I just found a site that created by Cambodian blogger. The articles in that site told me some keys to success with adsense.
They said that the important thing to success with adsense is Keywords. We must choose some keywords that make CTR (Click Through Rate) pay earn much money. I have known some high earning keywords are including: American, Luxury car, Cell phone...etc. In those few keywords, we can earn from 10$ to 50$ per click. Now it's just a simple way to help me or other publisher to earning much more from adsense.

Media player with interface in Khmer language

We have a lot of software with Khmer language interface that created by KhmerOS and various programmers. Now I just suggest you Media software that can play media almost like MS Media Player or Winnap...etc with interface in Khmer language. It is Khmer Media Player. You can download a demo here. Find out more about update information go to For Kun Khmer.

Khmer Rap KlapYaHandz: Louy (Low) by Kdep

Khmer Rap KlapYaHandz: Nis Reu Kdei Snae (Is it Love?) by Kdep

Khmer Rap KlapYaHandz: Pel Nov Manak Eng (When I'm alone) by Kdep Feat Adda

Khmer Rap KlapYaHandz: Khyom Anjeng (It's me) by Kdep

TV comedy Upside Down episode 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Find out more at Youtube

TV comedy Upside Down episode 2

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2

Find out more at Youtube

TV comedy: Upside Down episode 1

Part 1

Part 2


Find out more at Youtube

Upside Down TV comedy show from Khmer Mekong Films

Upside Down is a TV comedy show that was produced by KMF (Khmer Mekong Films). It was broadcasting by MYTV, new channel in Cambodia. After broadcasting, it became a famous show for Cambodian people. And now it's broadcasting on MYTV and CTN also.

Find out more at: Youtube

Khmer Animations: Vichea Kun (Trainer)

These animations: "Vichea Kun (Trainer)" was animated by Cambodian students from gamebodia.com. Enjoy!

Trainer (Part 1)
Trainer (Part 2)

Happy Khmer New Year 2009

Happy Khmer New Year 2009, Sour Sdey Chhnam Tmey. On the great chance, I wish you all Cambodian people who live in Cambodia and oversea have good time, good luck, good hearlth, and be careful with all holiday travelling.

Sibling Band from Cambodian kids

Sibling Band is a music team that was established on 14 September 2006 initially with 6 member. In the photo above: Livorn, Sreynea, Putchana, Pis (Stand from left to right) and Pav Raijo and Kaka (sit from left to right). The teacher of this team is Mr. Keo Phen. They also have been invited to perform on Bayon TV and CTN TV. The team members with individual instruments:

  1. Mr. Pis (Guitar Solo) and be the team leader
  2. Miss. Putchana (Organ) and be the sub team leader
  3. Kaka (Clarinet and twin drum)
  4. Sreynea (Drum)
  5. Livorn (Guitar Bass)
  6. Pav Raijo (Clarinet and Twin Drum)
All the members, they were live in poor family. At the first time,their family didn't agree them to study music. But after seeing their talents with the music instruments, they decided to allow them to study. Now their talents with music instruments is so pretty good. Finally they also have been invited to perform on TV shows.

Monsters VS Aliens

Another animation after its previous animation, Kung Fu Panda from DreamWorks.

Is it Cambodian scam E-mail?

Subject: My Dear Friend call me tele...+85516683622

My Dear Friend call me Tele..+85516683622.
Urgent request for assistance.
From Noelle Mbenga.

My Dear Friend,

Allow me to inform you of my desire to enter into business relationship with you. I am Noelle Mbenga, the only son of late Mr. KANTE Mbenga, From the Republic of the Congo, My father was poisoned to death by his business partners in one of their outings on a business trip so my mother died when I was a baby and since then my father took me so special.

Before the death of my father in July 2003 in a private hospital, where he died he called me secretly to his bed side and told me he has sum of Five million U.S. dollars. ($ 5. 000,000) inside a safe box where he left as a fixed deposit at a security company's vault. The contents inside the safe deposit box was declared as Family Value / Treasures.

I also explained that it was because of this wealth my late father was poisoned to death by his trading partners. He advised that i should seek a foreign partner in a country of my choice where I will transfer this money and use it for investment purposes such as real estate management or hotel management.

I am looking for your honorable assistance in the following ways:

(1) For a good profitable investment, where this fund can be invested
(2) To serve as a guardian of this fund since I am only 20 years.
(3) To make arrangements for me to come to your country to continue my education and to secure a residence permit in your country.

Moreover, I am ready to offer 30% of the total sum as compensation for your effort and after entry claiming successful and the transfer of this fund into your possession abroad.

Moreover, you must indicate your choice for immediate help as I believe that this transaction will be concluded within fourteen (14) working days as you signify interest to assist me.

Thank you and God bless.

Best regards,

Noelle Mbenga. Tele..+85516683622.

I saw something: Cambodia country code "+855"

Yo! Srok Khmer rap song KlapYaHandz production

Here is another KlapYaHandz production song that was popular in Cambodia in 2008:

How important of education?

We shall know that everyone in the world always needs education. They all know significance of education. So now we have a serious question “How Important of Education?”

When I start thinking about how important of education I remember that the education educated me to do everything when I was young. I got much education from my parents. They educated me to be a good child, good friend. Furthermore my mom educated me how to cook rice, how to ride bike, how to wash clothes and anything else. And I’m still remembering it also. It made to know how to cook rice, how to ride bike, how to wash clothes and I still can do it everyday. And now the education still is the important for me and everyone also. At school we get many educations from our teachers. The educations at school give us the knowledge of the world around us. It educates us about economy, people, language and anything else about our country and other countries around the world. Educations at school also give us more friendship with our friend and more communication with other people. When we are an adult education still help us if we can keep it forever. Education can equip us to make our dream comes true. Education opens doors of brilliant career opportunities. Every employer in our country today requires his prospective employees to be well educated. So, if we don’t be well educated we can’t find a good job for our life. And there is a proverb said that “the more we learn, the more we earn”. It means that if we have high education we will earn everything including money, honor that can make our life more wonderful. Now if we look on the development of the world, obviously we can say that the education makes a lot of marvelous thing in the world. Because of education many scholars in the world can make everything including Computer, camera, robot and many marvelous thing else. Absolutely they can search for everything in the world and out of the world also. And the resultants of their researching are functioning for developing the world and make the living standard of the people in the world easier.

Accordance to the descriptions above, we can know that education truly important for our life, our family, out countries, and our world. So we shall study hard to get more excellent education for our future.

Why Cambodian people didn’t like to read book?

“BOOK” has been considered as a major source for everyone in the planet. Book is the treasury of documentaries from everywhere and from the achievement. That’s why all people such as: teachers, students, officers, etc considered BOOK as the great way to fine out the literature and successful.
Not only in developed countries or developing countries, BOOK is the main and remarkable subject for its education department and scholars. In developed countries, they cared about BOOK so much. But in developing countries, sometimes they didn’t. Actually in Cambodia nowadays, the rate of people who like reading book is so depressed. Among 100 people there are more less 10 people who like reading book. Cambodian people always considered BOOK as a simple thing because they didn’t know how BOOK importance for them.
Truly, Cambodian people didn’t like reading book causes by many factors. In rural area, almost people are living with poverty. They have to do hard work for themselves and their families. It makes them think that reading BOOK make them wasting time and lose money. Furthermore, the illiteracy is the main factor also. People who living in countryside hadn’t finish studying at school completely and Cambodia has just recently recovered from Civil War, so the rate of illiteracy’s still high. For students there, they couldn’t be guided to reading BOOK deeply. Besides studying they have no free time because they have to help their parents to do agriculture or other jobs. Depend to description above we shall know that the important of BOOK almost has been cut down in the countryside.
As for in urban, although it has libraries; bookstores or bookshops, some people still don’t know what the important of BOOK is. Some people who living in urban and people who living in countryside are the same. They have to work harder and harder everyday, no time to rest, no time to read because of their living standard. They have no money to buy; they have no time to read, so they think that it will make them lose everything. For the Cambodian students in urban, absolutely they very and VERY tired to buy and read book. They think they won’t be surprise and got nothing if they do like that. Corruption in educational department; to be overjoyed with foreign styles or anything else make Cambodian students became like that. Almost people who can buy and like reading book are rich people who got excellent job that can make them have money to buy book and have enough time to read it.
For the summary, there are many Cambodian people who didn’t understand about the important of BOOK. The major factors are: Cambodia is a developing country and the rate of poverty and illiteracy is still very high in Cambodia. In the future, we hope that Cambodian people will know clearly what the important of BOOK is and reading BOOK will be a habit of them as a proverb said that: “want to READ like want to EAT”. And if it will be true, our country will full of literacy, scholars and then those people will develop our country as the great counties in the world.

Four houses were gutted near Russey Keo high school

On Wednesday 19 March 2009, during I'm studying in the class I just saw the terrible thing: smokes cause by fifteen houses were gutted. My teachers my friends were horrible and everyone runs to watch this event. Oh my God! It happened near my teacher's house. So lucky! It's not my teachers and my friends house.

Image: The Phnom Penh Post (not at Russey Keo but at Tuol Tompoung II)

Russey Keo high school

Russey Keo high school was in Russey Keo district and near CTN Russey Keo station. Russey Keo was knows as a famous high school among main high schools in Phnom Penh. But it’s not a big school as others.
Russey Keo has received more than 4000 students every year. It has 7 buildings (including 3 wooden buildings). Why Russey Keo is the name of this school? “Russey Keo” means “bamboo(s)” and “Keo” is the name of a kind of bamboos. There are many bamboos (names “Keo”) in this school and this district before. So people call them that “Russey Keo”. Here are some photos of Russey Keo high school:

The Tenfold Qualifications of The King

In Khmer history: Khmer Empire, Javaraman VII is the most famous king in Angkor period. He has expelled Java from Cambodia (Srok Khmer) and then he made Cambodia to be a Kingdom with large area: Southern border with China, Northern border with China Sea, Eastern border with Champa and Dai Viet (Vietnam) and Eastern border with Burma. He has built a lot of temples, hospitals. There’re including: 102 hospital, Bayon temple and etc. On that time, Cambodia became a top country in ASEAN.
However, Javaraman VII was known as a king who full of Tenfold Qualifications of the king. The tenfold qualifications of the king are:

  1. Charity
  2. Morality
  3. Sacrifice
  4. Honesty
  5. Dock softness
  6. Austerity
  7. Calmness
  8. Peacefulness
  9. Patience
  10. Respect for the law
The king who full of Tenfold Qualifications of the King and has helped nation, he will has been named as “varaman”. Like Sihanok, he has been named as “Sihanokvaraman” and sometimes people called him “JavaramanVIII” because he is full of Tenfold Qualifications of the king and helped nation from France.

Rapport Du Cambodge: Explorations d’Angkor from the Archives.

January 1908
I should like to outline of the most urgent work that needs to be undertaken at Angkor. During your visit, I had the honor to show you, the importance of the work that commander de January
Lajonquiére and I propose to carry out. As the commander has disappeared without a trace the bulk of this work falls to me.

Our proposals were summarized as follows:

  1. Undergrowth clearance of the courses interior of Angkor Wat.
  2. Clearance of various constructions of Angkor Thom and their immediate surroundings.
  3. Undergrowth clearance of the Bayon and the Terrace of Phimeanakas.
  4. Reconstitution of the old roadways through Angkor Thom.
  5. Reconstitution of the roadway preceding the Southern door by Angkor Thom and crossing the ditch.

The urgency of and undergrowth clearance is essential as the roots get into the spaces between the stones and have destabilized the monuments, especially the Bayon and the splendid gates to the city… it is also necessary to give air to ruins masked completely by the greenery.

Jean Commaille.

Deal or No Deal becomes a famous TV show in Cambodia

Deal or No Deal was a famous TV show in Europe and Asia that was produced by Endemol. Deal or No Deal was broadcasted in Cambodia by Cambodia Television Network on 2009 that have been named in Khmer “Prom Rer Min Prom”. In the show, there is a host (Mr. Ith Sitha), a banker, a player, a red button, and 24 ladies who hand 24 boxes of prizes. And the prizes are including: 50 Riels, 100 Riels, 200 Riels, 250 Riels, 500 Riels, 750 Riels, 1.000 Riels, 1.500 Riels, 2.000 Riels, 2.500 Riels, 5.000 Riels, 7.500 Riels, 10.000 Riels, 25.000 Riels, 50.000 Riels, 75.000 Riels, 100.000 Riels, 200.000 Riels, 250.000 Riels, 300.000 Riels, 500.000 Riels, 1.000.000 Riels, 5.000.000 Riels, and the largest prize 10.000.000 Riel (maybe 2500$). There were two players who win the largest prize 10.000.000 Riels on February 2009.
On the show, the player has to choice a box among 24 boxes. And then the player has to choice others to open it. At the same time, a bank will dial with a cash for player’s box. If the player agrees to take a cash for his/her own box, the player must say Prom (Deal) and click a red button on the table. If the player is not agree with a cash for his/her own box, the player just say Min Prom (No Deal) and continue to choice boxes. At last the player will know that what the prize in his /her own box is.
I still wonder why anyone can join and be a player in Deal or No Deal show. But as I think and ask my friends, the one who can join and be a player in Deal or No Deal must have an account in ANZ Royal bank. But I don’t know for sure.

Chey Thavy, the famous school in Phnom Penh

Most of students in Phnom Penh might have known and heard the name called Chey Thavy. Chey Thavy is the name of a school which nears Bak Touk high school. All students who study there come from all schools in Phnom Penh. And all teachers there come from schools and university.
When was Chey Thavy established? Who began Chey Thavy? Nobody knows clearly. Although Chey Thavy being a private school but it has been organized as a publish school and like a university.
Every student who wants to be outstanding usually thinks that Chey Thavy is a good school for them to study. Why they think so? Actually, all famous teachers, professors always go to teach there. That’s why Chey Thavy going more famous everyday. Chey Thavy is a good place for our students to improve their study but I’m so apologize that it wasn’t a publish school.